Dirtiest Hotels List Angers Hoteliers

Hotel News - 04/02/2010

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Since the internet has become such a large part of our daily lives we have come to rely on it for all types of information. This has been mostly a good thing for the travel industry, as customers now have easier and more convenient ways to check out prices in and information on their own. However, having information at the fingertips of potential customers is not always a good thing for hotels and restaurants because it can lead to inaccurate or negative reviews that are based on one person's opinion. Message boards and comment sections of websites allow people an anonymity which makes many say and write things that they would never utter in person. Some hotels in the United Kingdom are complaining that these types of hotel review sites wield far too much power.

Recently, Trip Advisor, which is a travel site that uses anonymous reviews from customers to rate hotels and restaurants, made a list of the dirtiest hotels in the United Kingdom. Many in the industry feel that anonymous reviews allow for the chance of inaccurate information, or even rival hotel chains going online to write terrible reviews. The British Hospitality Association claims that these types of sites really need to be regulated to make sure that the reviews are legitimate. The CEO of the BHA, Bob Cotton said, "Websites have a responsibility that the person has actually stayed at the hotel or dined at the restaurant." Being placed on a list for the dirtiest hotels could be a major blow to smaller hotels and the BHA thinks this should be regulated more closely.

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