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Hotel News - 08/02/2010

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The travel industry has taken a hit over the last two years as the struggling global economy and the threat of the swine flu have made many people choose to stay home. This has been especially bad for high end hotels and resorts which are luxuries that many people decided that they could do without. Because of this some resorts, hotels, travel groups, and agencies have been offering new and innovative bargains and packages which aim to attract more travelers. This has led to a number of great bargains, especially for those travelers looking for a high end holiday at a lowered price. Fairways Golf Vacations has recently announced a new series of travel packages which aim to appeal to golf professionals and those who travel with them.

Fairways Golf Vacations recently unveiled new travel affiliate packages that they hope will both drive new sales and offer golf professionals significant discounts and benefits. Some of the benefits include reduced prices for group travel, earning commissions by referring people to FGV, and reduced prices on golf travel. The group hopes that these deals offer golf professionals a cheaper option to travel around and train on different courses. This also gives them the opportunity to bring along coaches and trainers at a discounted rate. Each of the three different options, which are called Propar, Probirdie, and Proeagle, offer ways for golfer's to maximize their potential for earning.

Currently Fairways Golf Vacations have customers in all fifty states in America and hope to soon expand to the UK.

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