Prince Andrew blames travel for marriage breakdown

Hotel News - 15/02/2010

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The Duke of York told Sky News he isn't convinced that the Royals have learnt from his marriage mistakes, but that he will attempt in letting his nephews Princes William and Harry learn how they should avoid his past mistakes.

In an interview to celebrate his 50th birthday, Prince Andrew talked about the breakdown of his marriage to Sarah Ferguson, who often complained of feeling lonely and mentally unprepared for the pressures that come with a royal life.

The Duke of York said that despite his divorce, he has continued to maintain an extremely warm relationship with his ex-wife, Sarah, who describes them as the happiest unmarried couple she knows.

Sarah lives in a suite at his Windsor home, the Royal Lodge, and they regularly enjoy family holidays together accompanied by their two daughters, Beatrice and her young sister Eugenie.

Family has always come first for Prince Andrew, but his other pride in his life is the Royal Navy. He spent 22 years working as a naval helicopter pilot and also served on board during the Falklands war.

His nephew Harry entered frontline duty in Afghanistan, however, the Duke of York believes it is not likely that William will be allowed to do the same.

Since leaving the navy many years ago, the Prince has been the UK's honored representative for international trade and investment, and works with both business and government officials.

He says he does not feel optimistic yet about Britain's economic prospects and says in order to recover; the UK needs to stop abusing bankers and their bonuses.

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