‘Staycation’ is last year’s word

Hotel News - 01/03/2010

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The catchphrase of last year was staycation as many Brits tied their purse strings firmly together and headed for places around the UK. The promise of a pleasant summer had many of them waiting expectantly and made many more of us to forego the summer trip abroad and stay home, and then there was the harsh veracity.

With the dreary weather in Britain last year and the decreasing value of the pound this year, Britons are looking for something a little further than Europe for 2010. Among the top destinations that are being booked, include Egypt and Turkey. Both of these countries have enjoyed a healthy tourist trade from the UK in the past, but with value for money seekers, the countries are expecting a great year.

Turkey is a place that is rich in history and culture and many people say it is the gateway from east to west. Egypt is another top destination that many people are already aware of. Trips down the romantic Nile, lying on sun kissed beaches, or travelling to the Pyramids, it is a place that offers something for everyone.

Other choices for Britishers abroad this year include the Far East where although the currency exchange is still not too good, it is still pretty cheap compared to anywhere in Europe. Thailand is a hot bed for UK holidaymakers and the country enjoys diversity in tourists from backpackers on a budget to five-star travellers where only the best will do.

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