Security cameras help police solve Mabhouh murder case

Hotel News - 15/03/2010

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Lacking crime witnesses but equipped with hundreds of surveillance cameras, Dubai cops had worked out the case on the killing of a Hamas member, blamed on Israel's Mossad.

Dubai's security cameras never blink. The camera system allows law officers to track any person, from the moment a traveller gets off from a plane to the airport lobby where it records who rides into a taxi. The surveillance system had greatly helped the police to investigate the killing in Bustan Rotana Hotel on 19 January.

The slain man was a 50-year-old Hamas leader named Mahmoud Mabhouh – hunted by Israel for the murder of two soldiers. By using a facial recognition program, a team of 20 crime investigators spent hours watching camera videos to study the movements of 27 suspects on Mabhouh’s murder case. For years, the UAE has been enhancing its defence infrastructure, including the National Security Agency, which plays a major role in Mabhouh’s killing investigation.

As outcome, law enforcers were able to track down taxi drivers and to interrogate them about the alleged 27 killers. They traced as well the journey of a female suspect who went into a grocery store and even discovered what she purchased.

Meanwhile, half of the passports utilized by the 27 accused killers bore the names of Israelis who have dual citizenships, and who hold Australian, British, French, German and Irish travelling documents. Israeli officials however have been silent about the case, and declined to confirm or deny the country's involvement. In addition, none of the suspects identified in passport photos or captured in security cameras have stepped forward to deny or confirm their participation in the crime.

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