Marriot Hotel bombers video described in court

Hotel News - 05/04/2010

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A video showing the chilling moments before a suicide bomber blew himself up in Jakarta’s Marriot Hotel has been described in court. The video was taken on the bomber's mobile phone and shows him approaching his targets just moments before activating explosives. Five people were killed in the incident in the Indonesian capital last year.

The only other footage of the tragic event was captured by CCTV cameras in the hotel lobby, and it is thought that the mobile phone video was streamed live directly to the bomber’s handler. The bomber is known to be 18-year-old Danni Dwi Permana.

Three Australians, a New Zealander and an Indonesian were killed in the blast. The video starts as the bomber leaves his hotel room, which was reportedly used as a control centre for the terrorism group.

During his journey to the foyer, Permana’s handler Syaifudin Zuhri can be heard on the video chanting ‘Allahu Akhbar’ (God is great). Permana then proceeds into the foyer and sets off his bomb without hesitation. The footage continues after the blast, as does the chanting.

It is believed that the purpose of the video was to prove that the attack had taken place to Noordin Mohammad Top, the man who planned the bombing. Top, who led a Malay-based splinter group of Al Qaeda, raised funds for the attack in Saudi Arabia. Top was killed in a raid at his hideout last year, where the video was recovered.

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