Ash cloud from Icelandic volcano to hit UK flight schedules

Hotel News - 15/04/2010

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Following the eruption of a volcano in Iceland, forecasters say the cloud of ash is heading toward the UK and could enter airspace at some point overnight. The cloud could cause major headaches for air travellers, as flights in and out of the UK would be affected.

Aberdeen’s local airpspace will close at midnight. The closure could spread to other parts of Scotland.

The Natonal Air Traffic Control Service (NATS), fearing the effects of the ash cloud, ordered the airspace closure.

The move is expected to cause serious disruption to UK arrivals and departures tomorrow.

The airline easyJet advised passengers to check its website for information on any disruptions before departing for the airport.

The ash cloud has already had a negative effect on flights in northern Europe. Norway has halted air traffic over poor visability.

The pulverised rock and glass thrown high into the atmosphere by an eruption is carried aloft by high-altitude winds and can clog jet engines, causing them to stop working.

Ash can also get sucked into aircraft cabins, damaging onboard electronic systems and polluting the passenger cabin environment.

Forecasters say it could take the ash cloud two or three days to disperse and they cannot be certain how much ash will come down.

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