Expedia.com Expands Green Hotel Programme

Hotel News - 22/04/2010

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To mark the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, Expedia.com, the world’s number-one online travel booking site, has announced a major upgrade to the range of green-certified hotels it offers travellers.

Expedia.com now offers more than 1,700 certified eco-friendly hotels. As a result, the company’s Green Hotel program, launched in April 2008, is already six times the size it was last year.

Tim MacDonald, senior vice president and general manager at Expedia.com, spoke about Expedia.com’s commitment to green travel. He said Expedia.com’s range of green-certified hotels, carbon-offset options on flights, and its environmental tips provide a one-stop service for travellers seeking to travel in a socially-responsible manner.

The hotels in Expedia.com’s Green Hotel program are certified by a range of organizations such as Green Key, Green Seal, LEEDS and STEP.

Expedia.com’s Green Hotels programme includes over 1,700 supply partners and more than 80 green-certification programmes.

Expedia.com is also working with TerraPass to develop carbon-offset bundles. The bundles are based on distance flown and help fund clean-energy and carbon-reduction projects.

Expedia.com offers substantial savings on eco-friendly travel packages. A TerraPass can easily be added to a trip via the “Travel Accessories” section of Expedia.com’s trip customisation page.

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