BA cabin crew to consider further industrial action

Hotel News - 26/04/2010

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Following earlier industrial action triggered by disputes over jobs, pay, and conditions, British Airways and the Unite union are locked in an argument over penalties meted out to staff who took part in those strikes.

Though the two sides are now largely in agreement over the core issues that led to the earlier strikes, they remain at odds over what the union sees as unfair moves by the airline to deny perks to members who took part in legal action.

British travelers have already suffered from a week of severe chaos. Up to 50,000 Brits may still be stranded abroad as airlines struggle to repatriate travelers since flight restrictions in Europe were lifted.

However, if British Airways and Unite, which represents some 27,000 BA staff, fail to reach an agreement, travelers could be in store for further headaches.

The airline, meanwhile, risks seeing further financial pain lumped on top of the £15 million to £20 million it is thought to have lost every day while flights were suspended last week.

The union will begin an online ballot of members from Tuesday. If a deal is agreed and accepted by members, the threat of action will abate.

Failure to reach an agreement however, will lay the ground for possible further labour action and that is unlikely to be welcome news for thousands of travelers already wearied by a week of historic travel chaos.

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