Gatwick-based BA flights to be unaffected by strike

Hotel News - 13/05/2010

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Another strike looms at British Airways but the airline is confident that flights out of Gatwick will not be affected. Flights out of Heathrow could suffer some disruption. BA cabin crew will strike for 20 days in total. The union warns the strike could last even longer unless its members get their cheap flights perks back.

British Airways announced that it had full contingency plans in place for the strike and that flights out of Gatwick would remain unaffected. BA said there would, however, probably be some disruption for its flights out of Heathrow. The airline intends to run a large portion of its scheduled long-range flights as well some flights to all destinations in its short-range network.

British Airways has been in talks with other carriers to prepare a supply of leased aircraft and replacement seats on other airlines for BA passengers whose regular flights are cancelled. Unless the Unite union and BA reach an agreement, the first series of strikes will commence on 18 May.

The union says its members have been left with no option but to strike. Although the reasons for previous strikes have largely been addressed in negotiations, members are unhappy about the airline having rescinded perks for those who took part in the previous industrial action. The airline says it has made a fair offer but the union insists the carrier’s treatment of staff who took part in legal strike action amounts to a witch hunt.

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