Plans for hotel at Belfast City airport could be finalised t

Hotel News - 27/05/2010

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There have been proposals in the past for a hotel at George Best Belfast City Airport, but this is the first time the plan seems to have grown real legs. The idea has been considered before but hotel operators showed little interest. This time, however, airport management says several potential hotel operators are keen to come on board.

George Best Belfast City Airport chief executive Brian Ambrose was unwilling to say exactly which hotel operators have voiced serious interest in the plans, but he is confident that he will be able to announce a deal in the near future, perhaps before next year. A hotel at the airport is expected to offer 150 beds in the three-star-plus range.

Such a hotel is likely to attract both business and leisure travellers. Belfast offers a ready supply of hotels, just 15 minutes away by car. A new hotel at the airport would probably be of interest to passengers arriving by car in the evening for flights early the next morning.

Plans for the airport have long included proposals for a hotel. George Best Belfast City Airport is the second-biggest airport in the province. It carried 2.6 million passengers last year and was one of the only airports in the UK to enjoy a rise in passenger traffic.

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