Perfect performance at London hotels ended by volcano

Hotel News - 03/06/2010

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Statistics provided by hospitality-industry consultants shows that London hotels were having a fantastic 2010 until the unwanted - and disastrous – visit by the ash cloud from Iceland. Tongue-twisting, fire-breathing God of air-industry destruction Eyjafjallajokull also caused London hotel occupancy rates to plummet in April.

In its latest UK Chain Hotels Review, TRI Hospitality Consulting says its analysis showed revPAR for London hotels went negative in April, dropping 0.5 per cent to hit £86.11. The average London room rate rose 5.1 per cent, to £113.17 but occupancy rates in London fell 4.2 per cent, the most since January of last year, to 76.1 per cent.

RevPAR, or revenue available per room, is a key indicator of hotel health. TRI Managing Director Jonathan Langston noted that London hotels had been enjoying significant success since the start of the year and only something as devastating as the volcanic ash cloud could have halted that performance.

Last week, PKF Hotel Consultancy Services also released a similar report. Data from PKF also showed a drastic decline in room occupancy rates at London hotels last month as the ash cloud led authorities to close airspace across Europe. For six days, almost no commercial airliners flew in Europe.

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