Travelodge noise wardens to enforce sleep

Hotel News - 07/06/2010

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They say the most brilliant ideas appear obvious – once someone else thinks of them. Now, Travelodge seems to have dreamed up an idea so obvious, the only risk is that we’ll lie awake all night, wondering why we didn’t think of it first. Travelodge will soon have specially-trained ‘sleep wardens’ on patrol in the corridors of all 383 of its UK hotels to keep tabs on noise levels and ensure patrons enjoy the best sleep possible.

It’s always a concern for travellers, especially if they need to be up early in the morning to hit the road. The last thing anybody needs is to be kept awake by a private party or a noise television. Travelodge operates hotels at many of the UK’s airports, so anything that can cut noise levels and help us sleep at night has to be a good thing.

Though a key component of the new programme, the sleep wardens are far from the only ingredient in Travelodge’s new ten-million-pound recipe for sleep success. Hotel employees are being given special training in helping guests get to sleep. Delivery times are being rescheduled to reduce noise. Hundreds of duvets and mattresses are being replaced, and new, improved pillows are also on the agenda.

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