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Hotel News - 10/06/2010

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<p>It has long been the bane of international travellers. You arrive at check-in late, flustered and with overflowing luggage. Having already negotiated rush-hour jams, pricey taxis and surly staff, you find yourself staring at a shocking demand for fees to carry your hard-won holiday souvenirs home with you.</p>

<p>Consumer watchdogs have long been vocal about what they see as frequent attempts by airlines to exploit harassed travellers who are often only slightly over their baggage allowances. Excess-baggage charges can often seem to bear no relation whatsoever to normal air-freight charges.</p>

<p>Now, as huge numbers of British tourists prepare to enjoy holidays abroad after months or years of counting their pennies through the economic recession, industry experts are warning people to be wary of ever-expanding efforts by airlines to pad their bottom lines with surcharges.</p>

<p>Ryanair is one example. Under their latest practice, travelers who arrive at the airport with more than one piece of carry-on baggage will have to pay £80 for each extra item of baggage unless they have checked-in online. Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary defends the practice, saying his family frequently takes short trips with just one piece of carry-one luggage each. He says this a good example of the idea that extra baggage is unnecessary and the one piece of carry-on is sufficient.</p>

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