Manchester Airport Mini City is going to happen

Hotel News - 19/07/2010

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The planned development seeking to turn Manchester Airport into a miniature city that includes office space is moving forward, says the Managing Director of MAG Developments, John Atkins. MAG Developments is the property and development unit of Manchester Airport Group.

John Atkins spoke to business web site about the project, which was originally announced in 2009 at the MIPIM convention. Manchester Airport is the fourth-busiest airport in the UK. The airport and the neighbouring Manchester Business Park, a 30-acre facility, would be combined to produce the planned ‘Airport City’. This would transform the area from being simply a busy transport hub into ‘mini city’ that includes office space, logistics operations, hotels, retail developments, residential space, and conferencing and leisure facilities.

Mr Atkins says the plan is moving forward. He sees it as a project lasting 15 to 20 years and MAG is investing for the long term. He pointed to the fact that the project does not entail developing on a green field site but rather is the expansion of uses available on the existing site. Unlike many similar such concepts, the planned ‘mini city’ already has much of the needed infrastructure and links in place.

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