Great deals around on some Med package holidays

Hotel News - 26/07/2010

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Many British holidaymakers will stay at home this year, either because they prefer it or because they lack the money to go abroad. Those who headed abroad, however, are likel to enjoy the benefits of lower demand allied to better exchange rates. The unstable economy means the UK is seeing a boom in stay-at-home vacations, called ‘staycations’, even as the great British summer getaway kicks off this weekend. Those still heading to other countries may enjoy some pleasant financial surprises this year. Stronger exchange rates and reduced prices in Europe result in many of the costs typically associated with a holiday – eating, drinking and shopping – being markedly cheaper compared to recent years. Also, many last-minute travel packages to destinations along the Eastern Mediterranean are cheaper by up to a third compared to 2009. This is what research conducted by Co-Operative Travel found. In one example, the average cost of a family package to Paphos, in Cyprus, was 34% cheaper than 2009. The study found holidays in Crete were 29% cheaper, Zante was down by 29% over last year, and vacations in Turkey worked out nearly a quarter lower than last year’s prices. About 1.9 million Brits are expected to go abroad this weekend. Travel organization ABTA says some 440,000 will head off between Friday and Monday this weekend via Heathrow, 250,000 through Gatwick, 139,000 from Stansted, and 65,000 each via Luton and Birmingham. Florida and Dubai are the two most popular long-haul destinations. Those taking short-haul breaks are most likely to go to Egypt, Turkey, Greece, mainland Spain, the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands.

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