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Hotel News - 02/08/2010

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A recent survey of British tourists’ top beaches provides a list of perhaps rather surprising hits. A Black Sea resort in Bulgaria would seem to be rather out of place, given the fame of beaches like Copacabana in Brazil and Bondi in Sydney, Australia. However, the survey looks at more than just sun and sand, and this explains why some of the more celebrated destinations for sun-seeking holidaymakers were edged out by some relative unknowns. The study, run on behalf of Kelkoo by YouGov and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, says the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is by far the most popular seaside destination for travellers from the UK. The study also offered some strong criticism of the failings at Bondi Beach. One of the biggest reasons places like Bulgaria beat Brazil and Australia was the cost of air fares. It is much cheaper to get to the beaches of Bulgaria and Tunisia. Furthermore, once travellers arrive, they also enjoy costs for accommodation, dining, shopping, activities, tours and other aspects of holidays that are much cheaper. The affordability factor played a big role in putting Tunisia in second place in the survey. Safety, too, was a big factor. The high levels of crime at and around famous beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema helped push Brazil down nearly to the bottom of the rankings.

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