Manchester Airport number one on Twitter

Hotel News - 30/08/2010

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Manchester Airport has outstripped the competition to become the global leader in terms of its profile on the Twitter social network. A recent study reports that the airport is doing a better job of leveraging the power of the latest phenomenon in social networking. Social media company AirGate Solutions carried out research and found 143 air hubs worldwide to have presences on Twitter. The firm produced a ranking based on the ratio of each hub’s passenger numbers to the number of followers it had on Twitter.

The study found Manchester Airport to have the closest engagement with passengers. Following Manchester were the airports at Heathrow, Boston, Baltimore-Washington and Gatwick. Russell Craig, head of external communications at Manchester Airport, said the recognition was fantastic and pointed out how Twitter became a key communications channel during recent problems caused by poor winter weather and the Icelandic ash cloud. The airport used Twitter to ensure customers had the most efficient and speedy access to updates as they were posted, giving them critical information as quickly as it was received by news organisations.

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