It’s true: women pack too much for holidays

Hotel News - 02/09/2010

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A new study has confirmed what husbands and boyfriends have long pointed out – women do in fact pack far more clothes than necessary when going away on holidays. Men have long queried women’s apparent need to pack their entire wardrobe into a suitcase, even for a relatively short trip away. The latest research shows that 90 per cent of women never wear all those clothes on their holidays. However, a leading psychologist defended the behaviour, saying the practice was a demonstration of women’s ability to plan for all eventualities.

The research further revealed 20 per cent of women do their packing at least one week before their trip, while men have a tendency to leave their packing to the last minute. In addition, though they apparently do such a good job of packing everything they might possibly need, 40 per cent of women, feeling they still don’t have everything they need, end up buying yet more things once they’ve arrived at their holiday destination. commissioned the study, which found that men on a typical fortnight away break packed only nine pairs of underwear while women packed 12 pairs. One man in four packed only five pairs of underwear while ten per cent of women packed at least 20.

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