Further travel misery, thanks to strikes in Spain

Hotel News - 30/09/2010

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Thousands of travellers from the UK faced major travel misery yesterday as hundreds of flights were forced to be cancelled to and from Spain. The travel disruption was caused by workers going on a 24-hour strike in Spain. The chaos is expected to extend into today, meaning big numbers of travellers probably will be stranded.

The Spanish strikes have resulted from austerity measures being brought in by Spain’s government. The socialist government, reeling under huge debts, has implemented swinging cuts to pay and services. Similar problems have hit many European nations, with protests paralysing nations like Slovenia, Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Lithuania.

Thousands of people in Brussels hit the streets to protest spending cuts the unions are criticizing as penalising the workers over a crisis that was created by bankers. Irish budget airline Ryanair had to cancel most flights to and from Spain as well as all internal flights it operates in Spain. EasyJet ended up scraping half of its own Spanish flights. Flights were not the only form of transport having trouble with the strikes. In Madrid, protesters were throwing eggs at buses on the city’s streets.

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