UK travellers warned about travel in Europe

Hotel News - 04/10/2010

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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has warned UK travellers there is an increased risk from terrorist attacks in on the continent. It mentions nations like Germany and France and has updated its travel advice for Europe to an increased state of warning.

The FCO has been maintaining a warning of a ‘general threat’. It has enhanced this advice to say there is now a ‘high threat’ of attack from al-Qaeda on the continent. The US government has also raised its warning to its citizens of the potential in Europe for unspecified attacks.

An FCO spokesperson said France and Germany are subject to a high threat from terrorist attacks, in common with other big European nations. The FCO has as a reulst upgraded its travel advice. The FCO website warns about the potential for what it terms ‘indiscriminate’ attacks on places frequented by foreign travellers and expatriates.

The travel advice is based on input received from a number of sources including the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, plus intelligence and security agencies, diplomatic reports, media coverage, local intelligence sources and reports from embassies. UK threat levels can rated be as high as ‘critical’. ‘High threat’ is the most severe threat level the FCO records. Security sources are currently warning there could be attacks like that seen in Mumbai in 2008.

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