New York refutes reported bedbug infestation

Hotel News - 28/10/2010

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The Hotel Association of New York has responded strongly to refute a raft of reports about a widespread infestation of bedbugs at hotels in the city. The organization issued a statement by Joseph E. Spinnato, President and CEO. In the statement, Mr Spinnato calls the media reports of a massive infestation of the creatures at New York’s hotels a ‘misperception’.

He claims this perception is wrong and that it arises as a result of a number of reports on isolated incidents that were all handled in a thorough and professional manner in line with rigorous industry standards. He added that bedbugs have become an increasing problem across the USA in recent years and that at the majority of hotels, this has had only a minimal effect.

Reports hit the headlines earlier this year after guests at high-profile hotels in New York City were reported to be taking legal action after they were allegedly bitten by bedbugs. Authorities are denying that the news led some tourists to cancel their visits to the city. Reports also emerged that witnesses had seen bedbugs everywhere from Bloomingdales and the Lincoln Centre to the Empire State Building.

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