Small bomb discovered in vehicle parked at Belfast airport

Hotel News - 01/11/2010

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A small bomb has been discovered in a car that was parked at Belfast International Airport. The police and a team of army explosives disposal experts had been called to investigate a suspicious car that had been left at the airport’s long-stay parking and discovered at about 2.30pm on Saturday. Experts removed the bomb for further examination.

No disruption to flights was caused by the incident but some travellers who were unable to reach their cars were forced to stay overnight at local hotels. The alert was ended at 2.00am on Sunday. Police said the device was ‘viable’ and added that suspected flammable liquid was also found with the bomb.

There is not thought to be any connection between the incident and a series of bombs discovered aboard US-bound cargo flights recently. Police are checking into possible links between the bomb and dissident republicans. A bomb weighing 40kg was discovered on Friday in Lurgan, County Armagh.

In a statement, Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland said both explosive devices could have resulted in injury and damages. He said the bombs were left in public places and without any regard for members of the public. He gave his thanks for the vigilance that led to both bombs being discovered and avoided any major harm.

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