As union readies vote, BA prepares new discipline rules

Hotel News - 08/11/2010

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The Unite union is getting ready to hold a ballot of its members on whether to accept a proposal that might finally and an increasingly-bitter industrial dispute between British Airways and cabin crew. The carrier has, meanwhile, set up new guidelines for taking disciplinary action.

It has also emerged that security staff from BA had taken photographs of one employee’s home and automobile as part of a disciplinary case. The dispute has so far resulted in 13 staff losing their jobs and 60 being suspended.

BA has prepared a new disciplinary process that would deal with cases the airlines says are “associated with industrial action”. The argument between staff and the airline initially developed over pay and conditions. However, it soon became a bitter struggle over what union members saw as unfair penalties levied against staff who had taken industrial action in compliance with the law.

In response to the first round of strikes, BA revoked cheap travel privileges for a number of employees. This issue of the disciplinary action the airline took against crew rapidly became the focus of an increasingly acrimonious dispute. If members refuse BA’s latest proposal, Unite will have to hold a fresh ballot on industrial action before new strikes can be held.

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