Campaign to block construction of hotel airport

Hotel News - 11/11/2010

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The leading heritage group in Edinburgh has kicked off a campaign aimed at stopping the construction of a huge new hotel and conference centre by Edinburgh Airport. The group claims the development will ruin the beauty of the airport’s control tower and terminal building.

Calling the designs for the development ‘poor quality’, the Cockburn Association said the construction on Eastfield Road should not be allowed and provision for hotels should be made elsewhere. In response, the designers for the proposed development laughed and said that beauty is subjective.

Airport operator BAA, which owns Edinburgh Airport, has supported the development, which is being proposed Vininian Developments of Glasgow. The plans call for a four-star hotel with 168 bedrooms. An international hotel group is supposed to manage the complex but has not been identified yet. Council officials have recommended the scheme be approved.

The director of the Cockburn Associates, Marion Williams, said Edinburgh Airport is a prime entry point for most visitors to Scotland and that the group fears the detrimental effect that such a development will have on the nearby control tower and ‘well-proportioned’ terminal building. She also said the group would prefer a hotel built at the airport to be integrated into the terminal building, as has been down at Stockholm Airport.

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