Security upgraded in Germany on ‘concrete’ terrorist warning

Hotel News - 18/11/2010

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What is being described as ‘concrete indications’ of plans for terrorist attacks in November has spurred security upgrades at Germany’s train stations and airports. The security alert comes less than one month after the German government dismissed reports from the USA that terror attacks were being planned for Europe.

Now, the German government has ordered increase patrols by police in major cities and new spot checks at border control points and airports in the country. The measures were announced by Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s Interior Minister.

He said his government had received a warning from another government that Islamic extremists were making ‘sustained efforts’ to carry out terror attacks. He said there were grounds for concern but no need to get hysterical.

The tip-off comes after two parcel bombs were intercepted last month while on their way from Yemen to the USA. One of the explosive devices travelled via Cologne airport, where security failed to detect the bomb. It was finally discovered in the UK.

Following the discovery of the bomb, German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently told off Mr de Maizière for not having told her about it and for the fact that security guards in Germany had not detected it. The latest announcement by the Interior Minister was made partially to redress appearances that Germany was not sufficiently focused on terrorism concerns.

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