Scotland and the English Northeast hit by snow

Hotel News - 25/11/2010

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The UK Met Office has issued warnings of heavy snowfalls for Scotland and Lincolnshire expected today, with snow forecast for the eastern UK by Saturday. Snow has already started falling in some parts of Scotland and England’s north-east.

Many of these areas awoke to a heavy blanket of snow. Plenty more is being predicted. This is expected to be the earliest major snowfall to hit the country since 1993.

Severe weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office for north-east Scotland. The warnings cover an area all the way down to Lincolnshire. The warning is expanded to all of the eastern side of the UK by Saturday. Up to 2.5cm of snow is expected to coat the ground in low-lying areas. In hilly areas, expect at least 10cm of snow.

Into the rest of the week, the Midlands and Wales could see more snow. Coastal areas are being told to brace for bitterly cold rainfall and sleet. The cold snap now being experienced is forecast to be here for at least a week.

Last winter, heavy snowfall caught many services and agencies on the hop. Several mild winters, with hardly even a heavy frost in many areas, meant councils were unprepared and lacked sufficient stores of grit and salt. In some areas, gritting stopped entirely on minor roads.

The Highways Agency says it is ready this year. A spokesman said a new fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles designed to tackle winter weather is in place and salt stock levels have been reviewed and bolstered as necessary.

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