Icy cold white Christmas forecast for Britain

Hotel News - 13/12/2010

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Yet more frigid Arctic weather is set to blast Britain as the country prepares for Christmas. Snow is expected to be driven by icy winds and temperatures could drop to -15°C.

Up to eight inches of snow is being forecast. Arctic winds could gust as high as 50mph, creating hazardous driving conditions and deep snow drifts. Roads and railways could be blocked. Schools and villages could become inaccessible.

The next wave of icy weather is slated to arrive on Thursday. The severe conditions are expected to last until at least the New Year. The UK has enjoyed relatively mild conditions for the last few days after the previous wintry spell last week.

Retail experts say UK shoppers took advantage of the respite in severe weather to buy Christmas presents. In just 48 hours, consumers managed to spend as much as £2.5 billion on holiday shopping. Several waves of serious weather had frustrated attempts by shoppers to hit the high streets.

Weather forecasters, however, are warning that British shoppers will likely need to hit the internet to do their shopping in coming days. Though a low temperature of -5°C is expected, heavy winds will make it feel much colder.

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