European aviation disrupted further by snow and ice

Hotel News - 20/12/2010

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Flights were cancelled and delayed across northern Europe on Monday after a fresh wave of freezing cold and heavy snow falls hit the region. The heavy weather is playing havoc with both seasonal travel and airline shares.

In Great Britain, British Airways said the latest severe weather continued to create major disruption for its operations. The carrier said it is expecting further travel problems as forecasters say to expect yet more snow.

Shares in British Airways opened sharply down in London on Monday morning. The share price mostly recovered by late in the day but the travel problems have pressured BA’s share price in recent days. The price has dropped more than four per cent in the last week.

After a weekend of major travel disruptions, the runway at Gatwick reopened today, with services resuming to normal. However, the airport was warning travellers that knock-on cancellations and delays should be expected for the rest of the day as a result of weather problems elsewhere in Europe.

In Paris, Air France said heavy weather had resulted in major delays for flights at Orly and Charles de Gaulle. Some night cargo flights had also been cancelled.

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