US East Coast hit by heavy winter storm

Hotel News - 27/12/2010

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Much of the USA’s eastern seaboard was today left trying to cope with a huge winter storm that has brought heavy snowfall as it sweeps north up the coast. Hundreds of international and domestic flights have been cancelled.

Blizzards dumped more than 30cms of snow on New York City and parts of the New England region. Severe weather warnings have been issued for states from Vermont to Georgia.

For the first time since records started in 1887, the state of South Caroline had snow at Christmas. In the national capital, authorities deployed 200 snow clearance vehicles, including snow ploughs and salting trucks.

More than 50cms of snow was forecast for some parts of the region, including the city of Philadelphia. By Sunday afternoon, Washington DC had been spared the worst snowfall.

Blizzard warnings continued in effect for most of eastern Massachusetts, including the city of Boston. Residents of Rhode Island were also warned to expect heavy snow.

The USA’s National Weather Service said the huge storm resulted from a low pressure system located off the coast of North Carolina. It said the storm was travelling in a north-easterly direction and intensifying.

Many airlines, including British Airways and Virgin, have cancelled flights to destinations in the eastern part of the USA, including New York City. As of Sunday, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland had declared states of emergency.

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