Supporters try to overturn planning refusal for hotel

Hotel News - 13/01/2011

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The supporters of a plan to construct a four-star hotel for Dundee airport are hoping to have the council’s planning refusal overturned. Last month, the council’s development management committee denied the application for a 102-bedroom hotel.

Permission had earlier been given for a 60-bedroom hotel project. The hotel was planned for a site south of Riverside Avenue.

The smaller hotel plan was not pursued because the recession was deemed to have made that business model no longer viable. The earlier planning had been granted against the recommendation of the director of planning.

The applicants say the V&A project had led to a resurgence in tourism and commercial interest in Dundee. They think the economic climate now supports a larger four-star hotel project at that location.

The developers say the project involves an upmarket development that would be an asset for the city’s waterfront, as well as conveniently located for the airport. The model in this market is designed around a 100-bed hotel. The applicants think a smaller, 60-bed hotel would not survive.

The application includes notes that refer to the hotel having a restaurant and its own parking. The design is comprised of two elements. In addition to the main hotel tower, there would be an accommodation wing whose design is inspired by the Spitfire aircraft.

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