Travel industry said to be failing disabled travellers

Hotel News - 18/01/2011

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The travel industry is not giving enough support for the needs of disabled travellers, says a recent report. The announcement cited a range of failings it had identified in the services provided by various elements of the tourism industry.

According to the report, neither tourism destinations nor travel services are sufficiently equipped to handle either elderly travellers or the disabled. Furthermore, the industry was accused of not working hard enough to implement changes.

Dimitrios Buhalis, a tourism expert with Bournemouth University made the charges during the release of the report. Mr Buhalis is deputy director of the International Centre of Tourism and Hospitality Research at the university. He said disabled travel was one of the most significant challenges currently facing the travel industry.

Mr Buhalis said more than 650 million people around the world suffer some form of disability and this number is likely to increase as the global population ages. He said this would create a major challenge for world travel and the holiday industry must implement a more proactive approach to make sure both services and infrastructure are more accessible.

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