Global recession hits Edinburgh Airport expansion plans

Hotel News - 24/01/2011

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Edinburgh Airport, the busiest airport in Scotland, has made big cuts to expansion plans as a result of the global economic depression. The airport is now not expected to need a second runway for at least 30 years.

The new plan for dealing with growth at Edinburgh Airport is based on much lower passenger numbers than had previously been expected. Spanish-owned airports operator BAA had been expecting Edinburgh Airport to be handling 14 million travellers annually by 2013. That number was forecast to rise to 26 million by the year 2030.

The global downturn, uncertainty about future growth in international air traffic, and the abandoning of plans for the Edinburgh Airport Rail Link are all being blamed for the new numbers.

The new expansion plans are based on passenger numbers rising from the existing level of nine million to only 12.3 million by 2020. New forecasts only expect passenger numbers to hit 20.5 million. It could take until 2040 to reach that level.

Edinburgh Airport is the UK’s fifth-busiest airport. Edinburgh’s long-delayed tram network was also supposed to start serving the airport by next month.

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