Hilton invests £800,000 in Scottish hotels

Hotel News - 03/02/2011

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The Hilton hotel change is spending £800,000 to upgrade a pair of properties it operates in Scotland. The two hotels are at the airports in Edinburgh and Strathclyde.

The pair of hotels is enjoying upgrades to services as well as re-arrangement of key areas. New services will include a range of hi-tech communications systems.

The lounge and lobby areas of both the Strathclyde airport hotel and its counterpart at Edinburgh airport are getting the latest technology to support mobile business. Following the upgrades, both hotels will be able to offer guests laptop power points, wireless internet access (Wi-Fi), pop-up video screens, Bluetooth communications and charging stations for mobile devices.

Plans covering the overhauls include upgrades to the food available at the hotels. The Hilton Edinburgh Airport hotel’s general manager said that all of the hotel’s ground floor had been totally redesigned to help guests feel more like they belong to a bigger social space.

Michael Squire added that this new inclusive atmosphere would be enjoyed by people whether they worked in small groups or alone. He said that that Hilton recognises the importance of personal space, so the new design would ensure people enjoy plenty of privacy in what was ultimately quite an open environment.

Calum Ross, Hilton Worldwide’s area general manager for central Scotlan, said the firm was happy to launch the new look at the two airports. He said the upgrade was driven by the hotels’ proximity to the M8 corridor, so Hilton was keen to support visitors’ full use of food and beverage facilities while supporting business productivity for guests.

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