Shooting of The Hobbit expected to boost NZ tourism

Hotel News - 10/02/2011

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Filming of The Hobbit, starts next month in New Zealand and the latest Peter Jackson project is expected to drive a big boom in tourism by Tolkien fans. The award-winning director announced two days ago that filming of his latest big-budget movie kicks off on 21 March.

Thanks to the latest Jackson film to be filmed in New Zealand, a small piece of the country will once again be turned into Middle Earth. Shooting is to take place in the capital city of Wellington at Stone Street Studios. On North Island, the film will also be shot at Hobiiton, a small village that was originally created for filming of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Hobbiton is located on a large privately-owned farm, where popular tours have been conducted since 2002. The village will be off-limits to visitors while filming takes place.

While the film is being shot, visitors will still be able to head to other parts of New Zealand that appeared in Peter Jackson’s films. These include Tongariro National Park on North Island, the Sunday and Potts mountains in the Rangatita Valley, and Mount Ruapehu.

In past movies, Mount Potts and Mount Sunday were the setting for Rohan’s capital, Edoras. Mount Ruapehu played the part of Mount Doom.

Tourism to New Zealand was given a big boost by the trilogy’s last film, which came out in 2003. The country’s ‘Middle Earth’ remains a powerful draw for New Zealand’s tourism.

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