Hotel room rates in Britain rise 1.7 per cent

Hotel News - 21/02/2011

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The average room rate across hotels in major British cities increased last year by 1.7 per cent. The figures, revealed in a recent survey, show the UK’s hotel industry has avoided the downward trend that hit the rest of Europe.

In London, the average hotel room was priced at £156.91 last year, three per cent higher than in 2009. Hotel rooms in Aberdeen were the next most expensive last year, coming in at an average rate of £108.58, though this represented an eight-per-cent decrease on the year before.

Heathrow airport saw the biggest increase in room rates last year. Hotels there boosted their average price in 2010 to £106.92, five per cent higher than in 2009. The findings have been announced in the latest industry survey by the Hogg Robinson Group (HRG).

At both Bristol and Gatwick airport, room rates were up three per cent in 2010. However, hotels in Dublin saw prices drop by 11 per cent. In Milton Keynes, hotel rates plummeted by 14 per cent.

The most expensive hotels rooms in the world last year were found to be in Moscow. Though the average room rate in the Russian capital was down three per cent over the 2009 figure but still came in at £258.67.

London came out relatively low in the price rankings. Out of 75 cities and towns in the survey listed according to room rates, London came in at 29th position.

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