Singapore puts new Tokyo A380 service on hold

Hotel News - 17/03/2011

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Adding its name to the roster of airlines implementing contingency arrangements as the ongoing nuclear drama worsens in Japan, Singapore Airlines has indefinitely postponed the launch of its new Airbus A380 route between Tokyo and Los Angeles. Carriers around the world have been diverting or cancelling flights to Tokyo as a result of the worsening crisis at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi power plant in northern Japan.

Singapore was due to kick off the new service in less than a fortnight. The carrier says it has postponed the start of the service because traffic volumes have dropped.

Singapore Airlines also says it is altering crew layover arrangements for the existing Singapore-Tokyo-Los Angeles flights from today. In both directions of the service, the planes will still stop in Tokyo but will then continue to Osaka for a change of crew, before continuing either to Los Angeles or to Singapore.

In the last few days, a number of European and Asian carriers have begun to alter their flight arrangements. Many flights to Tokyo have been cancelled, with others being diverted to Osaka.

Other carriers are also implementing contingency arrangements for their crews. Airlines are making changes, they say, in order to protect their crews, ensure they get sufficient rest and minimise the effects of ongoing earthquakes.

Qantas has started routing Tokyo services through Hong Kong. Lufthansa is diverting to Osaka and Nagoya. Austrian Airlines services to Tokyo are stopping in Seoul.

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