Jetstar, Qantas certified carbon-neutral

Hotel News - 21/03/2011

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Two Australian carriers – Jetstar and Qantas – are official carbon-neutral. The pair of carriers have seen their carbon offset programmes certified under the government’s new standard.

Amongst the first firms to achieve the certification, both airlines received the approval as part of the National Carbon Offset Standard, a new programme by the Australian Government. The initiative, NCOS Carbon Neutral, gives company a voluntary scheme under which their carbon emissions are measured and offset.

The programme is handled through the Australian Carbon Trust. The ACT provides independent accreditation of the certification process.

The certification provides both airlines with a programme under which passengers can choose ‘carbon neutral’. To do so, customers elect to have their share of greenhouse gas emissions from flying offset.

As the head of Australian Carbon Trust, Meg McDonald pointed out, this intiative gives both members of the public and those flying on business a valid and practical method for taking their own individual action to help address climate change. Not only does the initiative provide flying customers with more choice but it also boosts overall awareness of and progress towards dealing with climate change.

Rob Kella, chief risk officer at Qantas, said the Qantas Group’s carbon offset initiative was managed as part of its comprehensive environment strategy. Both Qantas and Jetstar brands belong to the group.

The two carriers both kicked off carbon offset schemes back in 2007 as a way to offer customers the choice to fly carbon neutral. Since then, contributions under the programmes have helped offset more than 850,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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