Government cutbacks lead to higher bus fares

Hotel News - 24/03/2011

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The heads of transport companies have been telling MPs that slashed government budgets are causing bus fares to rise. The boss of one bus company explained to the House of Commons that reductions in government grants amounted were killing transport companies with ‘a thousand cuts’.

Submitting a written statement to the House of Commons, the Local Government Association said the results of a spending review conducted by the Government would almost certainly lead to reduced coverage by bus networks and higher fares. The head of one bus company detailed how bus fares were expected to rise.

Mike Cooper, MD at Arriva Bus UK, told the House that bus fares in Derbyshire are going to increase by roughly 10 per cent. He said fares in Staffordshire would increase by some seven per cent and fares would rise by six per cent in North Yorkshire.

He went on to say that some bus schedules were being slimmed down and routes were being cancelled. One senior executive with Stagecoach UK Bus said the Midlands, areas of England’s south and the Shire counties were likely to be hit hardest.

Elsewhere, some bus companies said they had not increased fares yet but they might have to later. Norfolk Green, a bus company in East Anglia has already reduced its bus networks by up to five per cent.

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