£30m Inverness Airport deal creating 2,000 jobs

Hotel News - 11/04/2011

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A £30 million deal to begin development of a giant business park at the site of Inverness Airport has been signed. The huge business development will lead to the creation of nearly 2,000 jobs.

Roxhill Developments, which is based in Warwickshire, will build the initial phase of the project. Work is scheduled to launch later this year.

The project’s first phase, which covers 30 acres, includes offices, a hotel and warehouses. Some 1,200 people will work in permanent positions at business located in the Dalcross park.

A further 700 jobs are expected to be created by the construction of the park. Business leaders yesterday welcomed the announcement. They said the project demonstrated confidence in the Highlands business community.

When fully completed, the site will cover 618 acres and will be the biggest business park anywhere in the Highlands. It will include hotels, restaurants, shops and industrial units.

Once finished, the park will represent some £200 million in investment. Over the next 40 years, the business park could lead to as many as 10,000 jobs being created.

Stewart Nichol, head of the Inverness Chamber of Commerce, said the announcement was ‘fantastic news’. David Keir, Roxhill executive chairman, said he thinks the site will be attractive to logistics, freight and warehousing companies.

The site, called the Inverness Airport Business Park (IABP) is being undertaken as a joint venture by Moray Estates, Highlands and Islands Airports (HIA), and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).

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