Air France A380 hits smaller jet at New York airport

Hotel News - 14/04/2011

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There were no reported injuries in an incident on Monday that saw a huge Air France Airbus A380 bump into a much smaller airliner at New York’s Kennedy airport. The A380 was taxing past the terminal on its way to take off when one wing tip struck the tail of a Comair jet.

The smaller jet, operated by a unit of US carrier Delta Air Lines, was brusquely spun around and ended up with its nose pointing roughly 90 degrees away from where it had been sitting. The tail on the Comair plane was visibly damaged following the incident and the tip of the Air France jet also showed substantial damage.

Initial indications are that the pilots of the Comair jet, which was arriving at the terminal, stopped or slowed down because the area was so busy. It was night time and rain had affected visibility, which may have prevented the Air France flight crew from seeing how close the Comair jet was to the A380’s huge wings.

More than 500 people were aboard the A380, which came to a halt shortly after the collision. Passengers on the Air France flight said they felt only a light tremor and had no idea their plane had collided with another.

The Air France passengers ended up sitting in the plane for another two hours before being taken off the jet and transported to hotels. The 52 passengers on the Comair plane were safely evacuated without any reported injuries.

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