Transport the biggest risk to the London 2012 Olympics

Hotel News - 18/04/2011

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Problems with transport will be one of the greatest threats to London’s 2012 Olympic Games, unless key risks are addressed. This is the finding of a report issued by the London Assembly.

The report, produced by the London Assembly’s transport committee, says London’s transport network is already operating close to the limits of its capacity. Estimates of traffic demand during the Olympic Games expect at least one million extra journeys to be undertaken during the nine busiest days of the games.

Transport for London has said it is not complacent about the task before it. The authors of the report, however, have point out 22 ‘travel hotspots’ they say will probably undergo extreme surges in demand.

The hotspots identified in the report include Victoria and King’s Cross rail stations, as well as the Blackwall Tunnel and the Embankment. Val Shawcross, chair of the committee, says London’s transport network, which is already ‘creaking’ at its seams, is going to face ‘extreme demand’.

According to the report, good days might see the increased demand confined to only a few of London’s travel hotspots. However, any unforeseen problems, such as a security alert or a broken train, will have wide-ranging effects.

The report further identifies a risk of increased demand as regular transport users look for ways to avoid their normal routes. It says all regular users of London’s transport system will probably notice a difference next year.

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