Royal greetings for Heathrow passengers

Hotel News - 28/04/2011

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As part of the Royal Wedding frenzy overtaking Britain, Heathrow Airport has rolled out a kilometre of red carpets to greet travellers flying into the world’s busiest international airport. The scarlet carpeting and a range of royal extras will ensure everybody flying into Heathrow between now and Sunday will get a welcome fit for a King.

In addition to the regal flooring, which adorns the airport’s arrivals halls 27-29 April, travellers will enjoy cups of Twinings Earl Grey tea. Heathrow expects to present thousands of cups of the royal tea.

Passengers making their way along the red carpet, a kilometre of which has been unrolled throughout the terminals, will also be greeted by a staff in scarlet uniforms, including a bugler. To put the crowning touch on the airport’s celebration of this weekend’s wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, Heathrow even has wedding message books, where well-wishers can leave messages for the Royal couple.

Nick Cullen, Heathrow’s Chief Operating Officer, says the Royal Wedding is going to be a happy day for Prince William and his bride and a huge event for the UK. He added that as the UK becomes the focus of world attention during the wedding, the airport was eager to make sure passengers enjoy their own royal welcomes.

Heathrow’s red-carpet welcoming committee has been in place since Wednesday this week and will continue to greet travellers through Sunday. After the wedding, the airport will deliver the wedding message books to Clarence House.

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