Men underpack holiday underwear

Hotel News - 30/05/2011

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Men pack less than half as many changes of underwear for holidays as do women, a survey has found. The research shows the most men packing just three pants for seven days away.

The survey, conducted by found that most men only bother to pack three pairs of underpants when they take a seven-day holiday. Most women, however, pack 10 pairs of pants for the same length of time away.

The questionnaire surveyed 1,294 people on their packing practices. Of the males questioned who admitted taking few pairs of undies, 12 per cent said they were intending to wash clothing while they were on holiday, while nearly 40 per cent thought they would be in swimming trunks for most of their time away.

Most men estimated they wore 98 per cent of the clothes they packed on their holidays. On average, women said they thought they wore less than two-thirds of the clothing they had taken with them on holiday.

Less than one in ten men (7 per cent) purchased clothes while on holiday. Almost half of the women questioned (47 per cent) bought clothing during their holidays away.

All of the people surveyed took holidays of a week or more in the last year. Approximately a third of them said their baggage had been over the travel allowance on either their outbound trip or their return. Most of the respondents who said they had carried excess baggage were women.

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