Visitor numbers on the rise at Gatwick hotels

Hotel News - 02/06/2011

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The numbers of guests staying at Gatwick hotels are increasing as travellers discover how much money they can actually save by choosing to stay in a hotel. More and more tourists are finding out that they can enjoy a night’s stay at a hotel or guesthouse at Gatwick and in the process, eliminate the expense of paying to park their car while on holiday.

It might seem counterintuitive to suggest that spending for a night’s stay in a Gatwick hotel will reduce the overall cost of air travel but that’s exactly what many holidaymakers have found out to their benefit. A range of hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs in the Gatwick area has introduced the practice of letting holidaymakers leave their vehicles in their secure parking areas for the duration of the holiday abroad, as long as they spend at least one night in the accommodation.

The handy little cost-saving tip is driving increased occupancy and, therefore, expanding revenues for the establishments who provide travellers with the benefit. Furthermore, it’s not just expensive hotels that are providing the useful service.

More and more travellers are researching the best ways to cut their travel costs. The latest tip – staying at Gatwick hotels in order to save on the cost of parking – has become a hot piece of information for savvy travellers.

You don’t have to spend night before you fly out. You can arrange to leave your car in the car park and stay when you return from abroad.

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