Airliners in near miss at JFK airport

Hotel News - 23/06/2011

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Two airliners have been involved in a near-miss incident at one of the world’s busiest airports. The incident forced one jet to abort its take-off after another plane came dangerously close to the runway.

The jets, operated by Lufthansa and EgyptAir, avoided contacted but the Lufthansa jet had to slam on its brakes. The Egyptian plane had been ordered by air traffic officials to stay 250 feet away from the runway but strayed too close.

Authorities in the USA are investigating what led to the near-miss. Kathleen Bergen, speaking for the US Federal Aviation Administration, said the Lufthansa jet had managed to stop ‘a considerable distance’ away from the Egyptian plane.

The German plane, Lufthansa flight 411, was already rolling down the runway on its departure for Munich. When the air traffic controller shouted ‘cancel take-off plans’ over the radio, the plane carrying 286 passengers had to use its brakes to stop.

The pilot of the craft, an Airbus A340, then announced that the plane had ‘hot brakes’ and would need a minute. The controller advised the plane that maintenance engineers would inspect the brakes.

The plane that caused the scare, EgyptAir flight 986, was a Boeing 777. The pilot had been given instructions by the tower to taxi to a holding point but appears to have missed the flashing light that indicates the edge of the runway zone. The Egyptian craft did not, however, actually enter the runway itself.

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