Flights stopped at Edinburgh Airport over hole in fence

Hotel News - 30/06/2011

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People were evacuated from Edinburgh Airport and hundreds of travellers were delayed following the discovery of a hole in the airport's perimeter fence. The passenger terminal was evacuated and controllers held 11 planes on the tarmac for approximately two hours on Tuesday night.

Following the scare, passengers who had already been waiting for the flights had to be processed by security a second time. Flights at the airport are now back to normal.

Lothian and Borders Police say an investigation is being carried out following what they described as 'an apparent breach' of a fence at the facility. According to a spokesperson for the police, the force responded at approximately 10pm.

The spokesperson explained that the breach led to a number of flights being disrupted after part of the airport's terminal building was closed to allow for security checks to be implemented.

Gordon Robertson, spokesperson for Edinburgh Airport, said the incident came at a fairly busy period. He explained that reprocessing passengers through security took about two hours.

According to the airport, all passengers eventually made their journeys. All travelers who were supposed to take off finally did so and those meant to land at the airport did.

Some passengers, keen to avoid further delays, chose to depart the airport without waiting for their luggage. Mr Robertson says the airport will be working with the airlines to make sure all travellers are re-united with their baggage.

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