London is Europe’s most overpriced city

Hotel News - 07/07/2011

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European travellers have voted London as Europe’s most overpriced city. They also, however, reckon it’s the most exciting city in Europe.

A survey of European travellers finds they think London offers a mixed experience, offering some of the most overpriced attractions in Europe and some of the most expensive hotels in the world while boasting some of the best transport in Europe.

Londoners might find it hard to believe but research carried out by TripAdvisor revealed that tourists think London is one of the easiest European cities in which to get around. The finding seems at odds with the capital’s infamous daily tube delays and traffic jams.

Tourists thought London suffered from extremely expensive essentials. A single fare on the Heathrow Express travelling from Heathrow to Paddington, for example, costs £18.

News of the relative ease with which tourists get around the capital will offer some relief one year before the 2012 Olympics are due to kick off. Tourists also thought London’s range of famous landmarks make it Europe’s most exciting city.

Travellers rated Big Ben, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace as more than making up for the expense of coming to London. Birmingham, on the other hand, was rated both the most boring and least romantic city in Europe.

The survey found that Paris is Europe’s most over-rated city and Athens in Greece is the dirtiest. Zurich in Switzerland was voted Europe’s cleanest city, while Lisbon in Portugal was deemed the most under-rated.

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