American Airlines buying 460 airliners

Hotel News - 21/07/2011

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American Airlines (AA) has just announced a huge order for 460 airliners. Multi-billion-dollar acquisition is to be split between European manufacturer Airbus and its US rival Boeing, says the US carrier.

AA is the fourth biggest airline in the world, based on the number of passengers carried. It will be buying 200 jets from Boeing and 260 from Airbus.

The planes it is buying, the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320, are the workhorse aircraft of the so-called ‘single-aisle’ market for airliners. AA says its order represents the biggest ever purchase of aircraft.

AMR Corporation, which owns AA, says the addition of the jets would transform the carrier’s fleet. Deliveries of the new jets are scheduled to start in 2013, with the last planes arriving in 2022.

Gerard Arpey, chairman at AMR, said that within five years, AA would have the most fuel-efficient and youngest fleet amongst its competitors in the US aviation industry. He went on to say that the new jets would have a dramatic effect on the AA’s operating and fuel costs, and would boost the company’s financial flexibility.

Airbus has responded to the announcement, saying the order from American is a ‘strong endorsement’ of the European planemaker. He said the American order includes different models from the A320 family of planes, including the A319 and the A321.

US company Boeing said AA also has an option to acquire another 100 planes. The models ordered from both Airbus and Boeing carry about 200 passengers and are typically used on short-haul and medium-haul routes.

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