Scottish hotels say business is up

Hotel News - 18/08/2011

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Hotels in Scotland are enjoying higher occupancy rates and revenue, says accountancy firm PKF. The sector continued to do better than the rest of Britain in the survey performed in June.

The main exception in Scotland was in Glasgow, where occupancy rates were reported ot have fallen by 3.6 per cent. PKF reported that hotels in Scotland had seen an upturn over several months, though other areas of the UK have started to catch up.

Alastair Rae, partner at PKF, says the figures show the trend seen in recent months was continuing. The numbers show that Scotland’s hotel sector has broadly experienced an upturn over the year to date.

He went on to say that revenue and occupancy figures for most areas of Scotland are healthy and the trend shows that 2011 will see a positive growth return in the sector. Occupancy rates in Edinburgh rose by 4.7 per cent, in Aberdeen they rose by 2.9 per cent.

In Glasgow, however, occupancy rates fell by 3.6 per cent, with revenue dropping 11.5 per cent. Mr Rae said both the city and several operators had successfully targeted business and conference hospitality in the past and there were fears this area of business would not be coming back at the moment.

Mr Rae said that hotels in Glasgow were presently finding life harder and though the figures overall were good news for Scotland it was clear that continued economic instability meant ti would be a while before anybody could say that occupancy and revenue rates were back to pre-recession levels across the country.

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